Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So what if you don't speak the same language?

I find that I often get along very well with Latin cultures.  I've always been lucky enough to meet ones that are warm, friendly, compassionate, loving, and generous.  Very recently, I was able to connect with someone who now holds a very special place in my heart.  After a year of online correspondence, we were finally able to meet when he decided to come to Vancouver for a couple months to study english.  The first night we planned to meet for dinner, he was late.  The only reason he was late though was because he forgot the gift he had brought for me from Brazil so he had to bus back to where he was staying to get the gift.  He got me a bar of natural soap from Brazil which smelled like cinnamon and it makes my bathroom smell awesome.

My favourite memory of this person is the way we were able to communicate with each other despite a bit of a language barrier.  I guess that's what's so amazing about finding a connection with the people that you are supposed to meet in your life.   You don't always need words to communicate.

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  1. Briiii my buddy! Thanks for the mention! It was a pleasure to meet u in Van! I´ll give to u another soap, soon!