Monday, October 17, 2011

Pineapples and ice cream anyone?

I travel to Hong Kong as often as I can.  Reason is simply because I feel a very personal connection to the city. I was born there after all.  Funny thing though is that I spent all of my school life lying about my birthplace because I didn't like being made fun of for not being born in Canada.  Kids are cruel as we often hear.

I planned a trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong this past August.  Being an experienced traveler, I really should have paid more attention to my passport expiry date because I knew that many countries around the world require at least 6 months validity. Long story short, I had 3 months left on my passport and was forced to cancel the Taiwan leg.  At the time, I was extremely upset because my heart was set on visiting Taipei. However, as I always believe, things happen for a reason.  And as I have discovered, Taiwan didn't work out because I was meant to be in Hong Kong my entire trip where I ended up meeting someone who's changed my life.

Never did I think I'd travel 12 hours by plane to my homeland only to meet a "local" who is actually a Kiwi.  I also never thought I'd ever enjoy eating pineapples and vanilla ice cream together which was his dessert of choice.  What was beautiful about that weekend was that it was so unexpected.  I know people say that often but this really was so unexpected that it slapped me so hard that it's mangled my face.  It was so unexpected that there is a dramatic part two which I may or may not talk about later.

What is most important that I learned though is that it's never easy.  If things are too easy, it isn't right.  It has really forced me to examine things and fight if it is something worth fighting for.

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