Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why is Europe so romantic?

Sometimes people have such an impact on you that you can recall every detail from that encounter as if it had happened yesterday.  My experience happened in Barcelona last summer and it was truly the most romantic time of my life.  It all started with a red bicycle that came towards me.  Riding it was a tall, dark, handsome guy with one of the most beautiful smiles that I have ever seen.  This person really is the most beautiful person that I have ever met.  Though he was obviously attractive to me on the outside, there aren't enough words I can use to describe the warmth and love that came from his inside.

We spent time together as if we had known each other for a long time.  We laughed like old friends would when they reminisce about the past.  Then we also parted ways, only the way it played out was like a movie script that I never could've written myself.

He had offered me his place to stay on my last night in Barcelona.  I certainly didn't hesitate to accept the invitation even though I had already paid for a night in a hostel.  He was at work the day I arrived so he left me his key with the bartender that worked in the bar below.  I walked up the dark stair case to his suite and found a note on his door that basically said hello you found it.  It was such a cozy apartment.  It was simple and I remember it was white just the way he liked it.  It had character. It was warm.  The only thing that wasn't warm was the water.  It still makes me laugh today when I think about how he likes to shower with cold water all year round.

I couldn't sleep as people were out on the streets till at least 3 or 4am.  While people laughed and talked outside, I slept alone in the bed with my thoughts.  I didn't understand why I felt so comfortable in a foreign place, let alone a foreign place without the resident who actually had to work until the bars closed.  The noise was finally dying down and it probably wasn't until I heard the doorknob turn that I was finally able to fall asleep.

I woke up to the sunlight that shone through these large curtain-less windows.  I woke up thinking that this was exactly how I wanted to wake up every single day only I knew that I was waking up to catch a flight home.  He walked me to the train station that would take me to the airport.  I stood on the train while he was on the platform and he kissed me as the train was to depart.  I walked to a seat and I cried.
It was difficult to hold it together.  Even when two german women asked me at the next stop if the train was headed for the airport, I still couldn't hold back the tears. Why should I have held back anyway? I acted upon what I felt.  And what I felt was so much sadness.

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