Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you ever traveled almost 24 hrs to get to australia?

I think this post is appropriate since today is September 11's ten year anniversary.  I was 20 years old and on my way to Wollongong, Australia to begin my student exchange program through UBC.  It was 5 months after 9/11. You can imagine what it was like to travel then.

10 years ago, laptops were also incredibly expensive, meaning I couldn't afford one. I kid you not.  My dad packed my desktop tower into my suitcase and sent me off down under.  I know what you're thinking, no there was no monitor. I bought one in Australia.

Did I mention it was Feb 2002? 5 months after 9/11? What do you think happened when they scanned my suitcase at security on my Hawaiian stopover?  Immediately I was pulled aside and searched.  The Hawaiian security officer lady pulls out the tower along with some underwear I'm sure I used to cushion it and asked me what it was. After stupidly explaining to her why I had that, she looked at me with the saddest eyes and said, "It's ok, I understand.  I have four kids. Sometimes, things just get too expensive."

The rest of Australia was a wonderful experience.  Have you ever had an admirer leave a random note on your table while you were lunching alone in the cafeteria? Then this same person leaves you a movie ticket in your mailbox to watch Amelie at the university theatre? Then you go on and have a relationship with this person and have them show you what it feels like to be loved by someone?  I was 20 years old, if only I knew how to appreciate it back then. However, I still remember it at 29,  so I can appreciate it now.

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