Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What are you wearing?

Sometimes the littlest things make your day, right?  I was at Staples on Sunday buying some supplies and while I was paying, the cashier blurts out, "What are you wearing? You smell so good."

I was wearing Acqua Di Gio which I had bought duty free on the plane on my way back to Vancouver from Hong Kong last week.  I had two $25 gift vouchers and this bottle was the only thing that I could afford.

I like when people brighten my day.

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  1. I love fragances/colognes, but in my case, I have to be careful with that: the weather in my city is always warm, so I have to choose Water or citrics fragances. At night I can use some fragrances with notes of incense, but the woody fragrances are really uncomfortable.

    My colognes list:
    Day: Versace Man Fraiche (for hot days)
    D&G Light Blue (raining days)
    Z by Zegna ( for me, the best adn everybody love this one)
    Night: Burberry Brit (very comfortable and discreet)
    D&G The One - Gentleman (the name says lol)

    Among those mentioned, the best duration (fixed) are the D&G Light Blue and Z by Zegna

    In Vancouver, I was always wearing the Burberry Brit and the Z by Zegna